Welcome to the blog of Percie Blackeney (pseudonym from The Scarlet Pimpernel).


I don’t speak for anyone but myself and my personal journey as an Australian client of sexworkers over the past couple of years.

You won’t find names, secrets or any identifiable details here, unless the other party has fully consented. This is just the journey of one lonely and uninteresting client. The stories are real and so are the emotions, thoughts and comments, but any inference on ‘who’ is in the stories will be wrong as I have changed enough of the facts and timing that any effort to apply them to any sexworker would be futile and almost certainly incorrect.

Client voices are rare, but that doesn’t mean this will be interesting – that’s for you to decide. My motivation is to share my story anonymously, provide some thoughts as a counterpoint to others and to write down my own journey for personal catharsis, reflection and demonstration of how amazing it is, being a client of wonderful sexworkers.

If you don’t like what you read, then leave. It may surprise many that this blog and my associated social media attracts hate. It certainly does. The volume has surprised me. It is also not popular with many escorts and their clients. I guess their reasons are there own, but if you have come here for hate and derision, could I suggest your time might be better spent in more uplifting pursuits.

To everyone else, I hope you find something here that helps with your own journey.