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Here is a listing of the blog articles by type, rather than date. All of the published blog articles are listed here. Thank you for browsing this back-catalogue of all of the site’s articles.


GUESTS – Articles written by others.

Interview With An Escort – an escorts perspective. Guest article by Mischa.

Client-Escort Karma – the impact of trading emotion for money – risks of burn out!

DATES – Some amazing booking stories.

Degustation Dream – the story of one perfect night.

Harbour Lights – one amazing booking with a regular.

Holiday Hideaway – the story of a wonderful overnight, away from the world.

Dancing on Air – a night at the ballet with an angel.

Blue Moon Week – Pt 1 – a transformational booking and start of three amazing days.

Blue Moon Week – Pt 2 – another unusual booking and the middle of three amazing days.

Blue Moon Week – Pt 3 – a surprise double and my last booking with my first companion.

THEMES – Topics of debate in the escort-client world.

OMG Escort Rates – one client’s perspective on escort rates.

Discounts, Promos and Rates – more to say on the topic of rates and charges.

Escorts Who Do Porn – are escorts that do porn any different from those that don’t.

Client Voices – should clients of escorts have social media profiles?

How To Behave – more on what is or isn’t acceptable online behaviour.

Clingy Clients – some thoughts on dealing with jealousy and envy.

Siege Mentality – why do sex workers act defensively and communally?

Mean Girls – what social and industry forces can harden an Escort’s heart?

PERCIE – My own personal journey and experiences.

Why This Blog? – what are the reasons and rationale behind this blog?

My journey, a beginning – also on why this blog was created. The first article written.

Becoming a Client – why did I become a client of escorts? How did it start?

Addicted to Escorts – am I addicted to escorts and is that a bad thing?

Why Multiple Escorts – why do I see more than one escort?

Hiatus Perspective – taking a break, what changes did I plan to make?

Egg On My Face – mistakes I have made and my earlier Twitter profile.

Guns and Roses – a train-wreck of personal mistakes connected to this Sydney concert.

My Threesome Curse – not a curse at all, but strange coincidences with doubles.

My End of Summer – the pain of saying goodbye to an escort that I love.

Learning Experiences – the amazing things that I have learned from meeting escorts.

My Client Stages – the different stages I’ve experienced on this journey.

Percie the Escort – my one day change of role experience and connected lessons.

Sydney Client Tour Guide – my favorite places to eat and places to stay in Sydney.

Winter’s End – returning to blogging after a two-month break and a down period.

Growing Up – starting to learn some lessons from the experiences with Escorts.

Changed Man – how being a client of escorts has changed me for ever.

Why Am I A Target? – thoughts on how my down period has attracted anger.

Transition and Recollection – thoughts and changes the day before my 50th Birthday.

FEELINGS – Exploring emotions clients and escorts may feel.

Hurt Feelings – clients hurting an escorts feelings – and hard lessons.

Single Booking Sadness – the pain and confusion of only seeing someone once.

Post-Booking Melancholy – the low feelings after the high’s of a great booking.

Loving an Escort – the dynamics, feelings and dangers of falling for an escort.

Sex and Guilt – the guilt associated with seeing sex-workers.

What Went Wrong? – the hidden traps that break the escort-client connection.

Perspective Is Everything – how bookings look different depending upon mood.

Am I a Time-Waster – what is annoying online and what is connection building?

Escort Relationship Breakdowns – client-escort break-ups, why do they happen?

Escort Rejection – points of rejection, reasons and how to deal with them.

DYNAMICS – exploring the hidden ‘dynamics’ of the escort experience.

Adventure – shouldn’t this be all about fun and adventure?

Staying In The Moment – keeping it about ‘booking moments’ not relationships.

Secret Keepers – the importance of clients and escorts as guardians of privacy.

Managing Risks – reducing risks in the escort-client world.

Virtual, Physical and Cerebral – how do clients select the escorts that they see?

Friends and Lovers – types and variations in client-escort connections.

Making It Regular – the dynamics of shifting from a booking to being a regular.

World Of Private Messages – what happens in the arena of non-public Twitter messages?

Thoughtful Gifts – gift giving, in this case the less common escort-to-client gift.

Constructing a Dinner Date – the dynamics of creating a quality escort dinner booking.

LIGHT – less serious (possibly funny) view of the escort-client world.

Chasing Unicorns – a lighthearted look at the types of escorts (borrowing from Youtube).

This index should hopefully help you choose articles of interest, independent of the date on which they were written. Thank you for reading any of them.